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Important Dates
Registration for Preparatory Committee 3:
August 15th
WSIS Preparatory Committee 3:
15-26 Sept (Geneva)
WSIS Intersessional, July 15-18, 2003 Paris:

Call to governments to follow through on their commitments to gender equality:
The NGO Gender Strategies Working Group, along with other Gender and ICT advocates. call governments' and other stake-holders attention to the danger of failing to address gender concerns, and women's empowerment, in WSIS process >>)

NGO GSWG Comments on the WSIS Action plan:
Gender equality should be specifically identified as a cross-cutting issue in relation to the each of the action points in the Draft Action Plan. >>

Onsite reports and articles from the Intersessional:
Reports from regional caucuses and thematic working groups on critical areas of concern for Civil Society >> and >>

The passage of the Declaration:
Gender and ICT Advocacies throughout the process - from Bamako (May 2000) to Paris (July 2003. >>

Over of the WSIS process:
Prepared by Anne Walker of IWTC) HTML | Powerpoint Presentation (155kb, right click, select 'save target as')

Links to other lobbying resources and reference material: >>