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The Beijing Platform for Action Meets the World Summit on the Information Society

Produced by the International Women's Tribune Centre as part of the efforts of the NGO Gender Strategies Working Group to engender the WSIS process
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This information brief brings together the Beijing Platform for Action, with the policy-making process that is "in the making" for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The WSIS process is a two part summit to be held in Geneva in December, 2003 and in Tunis in 2005. Several reasons have prompted us to bring together these two policy initiatives. First, the outcome of WSIS is likely to set the over-arching framework in which information communication technologies (ICTs) will be considered, financed, developed and regulated at both international and national levels. This fact, coupled with the extraordinary speed with which ICTs are permeating virtually every aspect of the economic, political and social lives of our countries, underscores the necessity to ensure that women's voices, perspectives and concerns are heard and given serious weight in the policy negotiation process.

In early 2001, women and women's groups, who had worked together during the Beijing Plus 5 review process, began mobilizing to engender the policy-making process for WSIS. Comprised initially of women working in the fields of media and ICTs, there is now an effort to engage women activists working on all issues from human rights and gender-based violence to issues of poverty and the environment.

This information brief supports that initiative by linking discussions in the preparatory processes of WSIS to the 12 "critical areas of concern" in the Beijing Platform for Action. Each page focuses on a critical area of concern, examples of how women are using ICTs in their programmes, and lobbying efforts by women at the WSIS PrepComs.

The two sections provide information on WSIS gender advocacy groups and resources and ways in which you can make contact.

We welcome your involvement!

1. Connecting WSIS Policy with Poverty in the BPFA 2. Connecting WSIS Policy with Education in the BPFA
3. Connecting WSIS Policy with Health in the BPFA 4. Connecting WSIS Policy with Violence in the BPFA
5. Connecting WSIS Policy with Armed Conflict in the BPFA 6. Connecting WSIS Policy with Economy in the BPFA
7. Connecting WSIS Policy with Decision-Making in the BPFA 8. Connecting WSIS Policy with Institutional Mechanisms
9. Connecting WSIS Policy with Human Rights 10. Connecting WSIS Policy with Media in the BPFA
11. Connecting WSIS Policy with the Environment in the BPFA 12. Connecting WSIS Policy with the Girl Child in the BPFA
13. WSIS Gender Advocacy Groups 14. Pictures and diagrams