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Overview of the WSIS process (Updated March 5, 2003)
Anne Walker (IWTC) has developed a Powerpoint presentation which walks you through the various stages of the WSIS process, including an overview of the 'multi-stakeholders' taking part in the process (UN Agencies, Governments, Civil Society and the Private Sector), regional meetings, and the roles of the WSIS Gender Caucus, the NGO Gender Strategies working group and the Civil Society plenary.
The presentation has been updated to include news from the PrepCom which took place in Geneva, Feb 17-28, 2003.

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The WSIS Gender Caucus
The WSIS NGO Gender Strategies Working Group (WN-GSWG) works closely with the WSIS Gender Caucus, a group of organisations that aim to ensure that gender dimensions are included in the process of defining and creating a Global Information Society.

IWTC Womens'S Globalnet gives regular WSIS gender updates
The IWTC Globalnets have focussed on gender advocacies within the WSIS process, since the first Preparatory Committee Meeting (Prepcom), July 2002. They provide useful background information, map out the different spaces for gender and ICT advocacy, and highlight some of the work of gender and ICT advocates throughout the process.

Gender and ICT advocacies throughout the process
Table linking events and the various documents (position papers, statements etc) produced by various gender and ICT advocates throughout the process by Karen Banks (APC WNSP)