Women's involvement in the WSIS process (and related events) from May 2002 to December 2003 - Back

The following table maps the many meetings - both WSIS and other - in which women have partitipated which have made - or will make - input to the 'Draft Declaration and Action Plan' for the World Summit on the Information Society.

In addition to these 'face to face meetings' there have been several online consultations which have also fed into the process. Worth noting particularly are the UN Division for the Advancement of Women (UNDAW) and UN-INSTRAW (International Training and Research Institute for the Advancement of Women) online consultations

Where possible, we have included links to the important Gender inputs and outputs to and from the meetings

Date World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Commission on the status of women(CSW) and UN Division for Advancement of Women (UNDAW) NGO Meetings
May 2002 WSIS Regional Meeting Africa    
Gender Inputs: WSIS gender Caucus statements    
Output: Official African Regional Declaration English
June 2002 ITU Gender Task Force Meetings    
July 2002 Prepcom I    
Gender Inputs:
  • WSIS gender Caucus statements
  • Civil Society Plenary Draft Content and themes document
  • UNIFEM Statement by Joanne Sandler
  • Civil Society Plenary - Statement by Anne S Walker, IWTC
  • Extract of the report of the first session of the Inter-Agency network on women and gender equality
    Output: Various Content and Themes Documents    
    September 2002 WSIS Content and Themes Meetings    
    Gender Inputs: Civil Society Plenary Draft Content and themes document English | French | Spanish    
    Output: Draft II Content and Themes Document
    English |French |Spanish |Arabic
    October 2002 AWID Forum
    APC WNSP/IWTC WSIS Awareness raising through presentations
    GCNP Congress Forum
    WSIS Awareness raising through APC WNSP presentations
    Nov  WSIS Regional MeetingEurope UNDAW Expert Group Meetings
    'Gender and ICTs' and 'Women and media'
    Gender Inputs:
  • Report from gender Roundtable
  • Report from Civil Society Roundtable
  • UNIFEM Statement by Osnat Lubrani
    Output: Official European Regional Declaration
    EGM Reports
    Gender and ICTs Women and Media
    Gender Inputs
  • Gender Caucus Submission
  • Civil Society Coordinating Group Submission
  • Link to all submissions received
    January 8th 2003 WSIS Bureau Orientation Paper and Meeting Notes in preparation for Prepcom II
    Jan 12-14 
    Tokyo, Japan
    NGO Side events at WSIS Regional Meeting Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Gender Forum
    Organised by APWINC, APC-WNSP and Japan Women's Watch (JAWW) in collaboration with Isis International-Manila, Hong Kong Federation of Women' s Cenres, IT for Change, NPO Coper, Korean Women's Development Institute, Campaign for Popular Media Reform, Centre for Women's Research, Knowledge and Rights with Young people through Safer Spaces.


    Where are the women in the Asia WSIS Meeting (Cheekay Cinco)
    Report from the Asia Gender Forum (Mavic Balleza)
    Jan 13-15 
    Tokyo, Japan
    WSIS Regional Meeting Asia Pacific
    Gender Inputs: Statement from Asia Pacific Gender Forum    
    Output: Official Asia Pacific Regional Declaration    
    Jan 20-March 15 NGO Gender Strategies Working Group Online Discussion focussing on WSIS preparations, World Social Forum activities and preparations for the Commission on the status of women meetings/FONT>
    Gender Inputs:    
    Jan 23-29
    Porto Alegre, Brazil
    World Social Forum   World Social Forum
    Gender and ICT space within larger Communication Rights Space

    - Gender and ICT Evaluation Methodology Workshops
    - Human Rights and Gender and ICT Issues session
    - Communication Rights in the Information Society session
    Jan 29-31
    Bavaro, Dominican Republic
    WSIS Regional Meeting Latin America and the Carribean Gender Roundtable proposed
    Gender Inputs:    
    Output: Official Latin American Regional Declaration    
    Feb 17-28
    Geneva, Switzerland
    WSIS PrepCom II    
    Gender Inputs: Proposal for multi-stakeholder Gender and ICT roundtable  

    Mar 4-13   Commission on the Status of Women - proposed ACPWNSP/IWTC activities
    - Gender and ICT CyberCafe
    - Training sessions in content management, strategic use of ICTs in redressing VAW, beginners guide to Gender and ICT policy, WSIS Process orientation
    - Proposal for a Donor roundtable with Gender and ICT advocates with a view to building a Gender and ICT advocacy network
    Geneva, Switzerland
    PrepCom III
    Geneva, Switzerland
    World Summit